Robert Zadeh – Founder and CEO of Paragon Couture Group – had a challenge on his hands in November 2001. On his 10th wedding anniversary his wife, Ziva, insisted that he do away with the old wedding ring and the college graduation ring he had been wearing all along. Robert was told that it was “time to upgrade to the 21st Century”.

Already running an established jewelry business with multiple brands, yet no Men’s Collection, Robert embarked on a challenging quest to come up with a design that was unique, timeless, masculine, and made a bold statement. The limited market place for Men’s jewelry did not provide any inspiring ideas and he started his design from scratch. The challenge inspired him to test multiple designs and sparked a passion in him to take this to the next level and create an exclusive collection of fine jewelry for Men which gave birth to the Equinox Gold Collection for Men.

Today the Equinox brand has evolved into a remarkable collection of stunning and uniquely masculine hand crafted creations recognized internationally as the premier brand in Men’s Fine Jewelry.